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January 11, 2021

Potential defect for Dometic 3 burner ovens in Escape Trailers with production completion dates between January 10, 2020 and October 30, 2020

We would like to formally notify Escape customers that Dometic has registered a NHTSA Recall #20E071

In accordance with the NHTSA requirements Escape Trailer Industries has also logged a NHTSA Safety Defect Report #20V809
This issue is related to a potential failure that may occur at the joint between the gas saddle valve for the burners and the manifold connection. This is an OEM issue from Dometic and is not related to the work completed at Escape. 

What you need to do!

Find your local Dometic authorized service location

Call and discuss the Dometic NHTSA #20E071 (they will not have the Escape NHTSA number) 
They should ask you for your Oven’s serial number to verify if you are part of the notification. Once they have verified your serial number they should arrange an appointment to review and repair at their cost.

Dometic USA
Dometic Canada English
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Once you have selected any of the above links, find your nearest Dometic Authorized Service Centre:

    1.    Enter your Zip, City or Street
    2.    Select Type: Service Center
    3.    Select Product Category: Mobile Cooking
    4.    Select Subcategory: RV & Boat Ovens

If you have any concerns and need to speak with someone from Escape. Please use our contact form and choose “Parts & Service” or call us at 1-855-703-1650 and request to speak to someone in our Parts & Service department.