Updated March 22, 2020

Hope you are all staying well. We are in a good positive mindset with no corporate fears other than the well being of our staff and customers.
We have no reported cases of COVID-19 in the company. We are all practicing social distancing and have moved the sales team to their homes to continue taking orders and supporting our customers through their configuration process. Our showroom is closed, our virtual showroom on the website is open.
Hitch setup and trailer collection/export are continuing. We are not completing orientations and will not be installing TV arms, umbra hooks etc. We will of course provide full support to you so you can do these yourself. The US border is still open to trade, and we will continue to export trailers for as long as possible.
Currently approx 1/3 of our production team have chosen to self isolate. This is impacting our production timing for current orders, we reacted quickly last week, modified our plans and at this point only 6 customer builds are going to be delayed by 1 to 10 days max (we will contact all those customers). We are positive and will continue to produce.
We have had a lot of changes to orientation dates in the past couple of weeks. Our process to get your trailer ready for delivery or collection is detailed: we pull the trailer from storage (which can mean moving many other trailers around, we currently have approx 130 customer trailers on site); complete a full QC, and clean/polish inside and out. This can take us up to 5 days bearing in mind that we have 5 stations and each station takes approx 1 day. Sharon (your orientation contact) is continuing to work at the office and will coordinate with the operations team, please be patient with us during this time.
We are continuing to focus on ‘we’ not ‘just me’ with empathy and compassion for all, while practicing the best controls to reduce the impact of this virus.
Stay well,


Updated March 20, 2020

The US/Canadian border situation is continually changing and we appreciate your patience. We should have some more details in the next day or so on what this means for trailer deliveries. All customers with upcoming delivery dates are being updated directly by our sales team.


Updated March 18, 2020

The US/Canadian border is closed to non commercial travel. Customers will not be permitted to cross.

Escape exports customer trailers through the commercial border crossing. At present this is still open. We are confirming 100% today and will contact all customers with upcoming orientations.


Updated March 17, 2020

At this extraordinary time during the COVID-19 outbreak we have significantly modified our orientation process to minimize the risk of viral spread.    

  • We appreciate that you may want your trailer immediately, and are willing to take extraordinary measures including a significantly reduced orientation process.
  • We will not be installing TV arms, Umbra hooks or other items after production is complete. You will be credited the pricing for any of these services.
  • We will not be providing a detailed orientation on the systems. You will need to self educate with our videos on the website or YouTube.
  • We will prepare your hitch (if you have ordered one), but we will need a dimension from the bottom inside surface of your hitch receiver to level ground.
  • It is your responsibility to have a brake controller. 7 pin connector and 2″ hitch ball (where applicable).
  • When you arrive at Escape, your trailer will be positioned in our front parking lot for collection.

The new process for your arrival:   

  • Come to our office at 43851 Industrial Way, Chilliwack
  • Park in visitors parking out front
  • Register with reception
  • View your new Escape
  • Settle your final payment
  • Hitch up and drive away (USA customers – Escape will take your trailer to the USA side of the border)

    We will be available to you afterwards for any calls/issues.