Escape 21 Limited Edition - Floor Plan Sneak Peak

Featuring a permanent full sized queen bed and a u-shaped dinette with large windows.

The proposed floor plan includes a permanent full Queen Sized bed like the 19′, with a larger U-Shaped dinette / Bed at the front of the trailer.  Large windows surround each end of the trailer.  A 6 cu ft fridge, with optional microwave space under the stove.

Note: final floor plan is subject to change; final dimensions pending.

Pricing: $28,995 USD  /  $36,245 CAD, taxes and freight not included.

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9 Responses

  1. That’s the only design my wife and I like. Queen size bed at one end, dinette at opposite end. Gonna be another year or so before we’re in a position to buy.

  2. That’s the only design my wife and I like. Queen size bed at one end, dinette at opposite end. Will be a year and a bit before we buy.

  3. Glad to see the LARGE surround windows! Also a better plan for US pick up is a plus! Living in New Jersey it was quite the trip for pick up!
    Purchased a 2015 and a 2019 21 ft Escape. Would love a bigger bed!!

  4. We love the counter space in our 21′. Is there anyway we can have a walk around bed and smaller dinette. A dry bath would be great. We do not need a 6 person dinette. Love the additional glass!

  5. Hoping the weight stays down as I want to tow this with my 2017 Tacoma. Looking forward to this design as I asked for it almost two years ago before I bought my Casita. Please make storage space functional and hoping that some more goodies become standard.

  6. Is the difference between this layout and the 19 just the size of the dinette, additional overhead storage and +1 co. ft on the refrigerator? Is there more countertop, wardrobe or bathroom?

  7. Correct – the added length increases the size of the dinette. We will be posting the adjusted sizes as the first display model comes off our assembly line. This is due to the customized nature of production. The bathroom will remain the same size as the 19′. As of this date, the countertop is slightly smaller (2″ less in length) than the 19′.

  8. Thanks for the information. My personal preference would be to have the same size dinette and more counter, storage and larger bathroom. I like the current 21 but at 6’2″ the bed in the 21 is too small. Perhaps that is more change for production but for us – and maybe others – the additional storage and food prep plus a more comfortable bathroom would be much more useful for long trips / full timing than a 6 person dinette. Perhaps a future third option for the 21?

  9. I agree with previous comments that a larger wet bath and counter space like the original 21 is much more important than a 6 person dinette. Please please please make the new 21 more functional for 2 people. There is not much sense in the larger dinette. I’d definitely buy one if it’s just not an elongated 19.

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