The Escape

Escape Trailer Industries, located in Chilliwack, BC, started manufacturing the 17’ Escape Trailer in 2003. The 17’ was followed by the Escape 5.0 in 2007, the Escape 13’ and 19’ in 2009, the 21’ Escape in 2013, and the newly revised Escape 5.0TA in 2014.

All of the Escape travel trailers have a 100% molded fiberglass body. The body is constructed from a top and bottom shell which is fiberglassed together at the center prior to demolding to create a seamless body construction. This eliminates any chance of water penetration while maintaining a strong, long-lasting, lightweight RV. The frames are constructed with steel tubing and a rubber ride torsion axle suspension creating a solid foundation with a smooth ride. The interior is professionally finished with natural oak cabinetry, large windows, high-grade linoleum flooring, and a unique insulated vinyl headliner/wall covering. Every Escape includes a large list of standard equipment, and an extensive options list is available for customizing. A full two-year warranty is included on the completed Escape trailer.

The Escape allows people from diverse lifestyles to travel using their existing vehicle. The Escape’s aerodynamic and lightweight design eliminates the need to invest in the large tow vehicle required by a conventional RV trailer. Most SUVs and mid-sized vehicles are capable of towing the different Escape trailers without a noticeable increase in gas consumption, therefore keeping the cost of travel to a minimum.

Our customers are pleased with the fact that the Escape offers more overall interior storage space, especially in the large overhead cabinets. The light colored wall coverings and large windows throughout the unit provide a brighter interior, making it feel much more spacious. Using ‘real’ wood for the cabinet doors and plywood for tables, countertops, and floor add quality and life to the Escape.

We believe it is important to offer a long-lasting, durable trailer to the experienced RV’er, which is why we focus primarily on quality over quantity.

Escape Trailer Industries uses a referral program to help market the Escape throughout Canada and the United States. Please contact us to view an Escape in your area.


Mission Statement

Escape Trailer Industries builds a high quality, lightweight fiberglass RV trailer designed to meet the needs of the seasoned traveller. Our reputation for quality and customer satisfaction ensures a strong competitive foothold in the RV industry.