One step closer to adventuring with your Escape!


  1. Current customers who have requested delivery will receive a formal quote no more than 30 days prior to their requested delivery dates.
  2. Your delivery will take a minimum of two weeks from the time you accept the final quote to ship date from Escape.  Any outstanding account balance must be paid in full min 7 days prior to final arrangements and shipment from Escape.
  3. You can begin to make arrangements in advance of your trailers production completion date.
  4. We deliver on a standard commercial transport, and offload in a commercial location using a tilt bed tow truck. We usually find a location max 90mins from your residential address.  This depends on how rural you live.
  5. You can have the trailer delivered to any zone, you just have to be there to collect your trailer.
  6. Bill of Sale documentation is issued when the trailer is both production complete and paid in full.

All customers start here to arrange delivery or collection.