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What's the club?

Escape Club is a group of Escape enthusiasts who can’t wait to spread their love for fiberglass trailers to the world. These loyal brand ambassadors help us by showing their trailers to prospective buyers, eliminating our need to build nationwide dealerships, which keeps our prices low.  There’s nothing quite like hearing it from a real Epic Escaper who has lived the dream themselves vs. a salesperson who is just doing a job.

Why should you join?

People & perks

Aside from meeting some awesome people and being part of an incredible community, you get paid! Every time someone comes to view your trailer, you’ll get a payout. What’s even more? If they end up buying a trailer because of their visit, that payout gets even bigger.

Escape Club benefits

Community & exclusive swag

While the rewards are fantastic, it's not all about money. Escape Club members get to be part of a vibrant community of ambassadors who meet up at rallies, connect within the community and get free swag and exclusive Escape opportunities along the way.

Are you ready to join the Club?

All owners of an Escape Trailer are eligible to join the program.

Rallying Together: A Heartfelt Tribute to the Escape Team

First off we wanted to say thank you to Karl, Samuel, Harrison and all the Team (too many to list off I am sure) that put on a fantastic Rally! I know it takes a lot of work and logistics to organize such a large event so I wanted to say thank you!

It was our second rally that we attended and our first full year with our 21C. We have been enjoying it a lot. It has taken us on some great adventures and making wonderful memories along the way with many more to come.

We find the rally a great way to reconnect with people we met at previous rally and connect with new friends. Also seeing what people have done to their Escape. The modifications are endless. Plus the “Escape Talks” were very helpful for a newbie.

Thank you again!

Hopefully we can make the rally in 2024!

And ….. “Escape trailer… build for you”

Domenic and Marta