Welcome to our Escape Trailer cancellation page!

We are committed to make cancellations as easy as placing deposits! 

Postpone Your Escape

Perhaps an Escape Trailer purchase does not fit your short term plans, but you wish to consider it in the future?

You can move your deposit to a later date!

There are several benefits for you:

✓ You will not lose the Payment Processor fees
✓ You will have a new (later date) and can plan for that
✓ You are still able to cancel with the already agreed terms

Cancel Your Escape

If you want to cancel your Escape, here are the next steps we will undertake:

✓ Your Guaranteed Production Completion Date and your Earliest Production Completion Date (where applicable) will be cancelled.
✓ You will receive a refund where applicable. Each deposit of 2,000 USD/2,500 CAD is initially refundable, less Payment Processor fees of 150 USD/200 CAD. Upon confirmation of your options, the full deposit amount becomes non-refundable.
✓ Cancellations for inventory trailers are non refundable.
✓ You will receive a written confirmation via email within 14 days.

*The refund will be issued back to the payment method used to place your deposit.