Enter Our Photo and Video Contest

Show Us Where You've Escaped To

Have you taken your Escape on some amazing adventures? Want to share your experiences with the Escape community… and possibly win prizes?  Then this contest is for you!

The photo displayed above is from our 2nd quarter of 2023 winner. Photographer Jay Priebe received a $100 gift card for his photo taken at Lovell Canyon Road near Las Vegas Nevada. 

Do you love to take photos or videos of your adventures with an Escape Trailer? We’d love to see them! Each quarter throughout the year we offer a $100 gift card prize for the best photo as chosen by the Escape staff or by our social media followers. The best photos from the year are then used in our yearly calendar. 

What we want to see:

1. Landscape/Scenic: Snap the perfect landscape photo of your Escape in the wild, on the road, or in a campground.

2. Video: We challenge you to create a fun video with your camping family/friends. It can be short as 5 seconds or as long as you want! 

Here’s a few other ideas of the types of photos and videos that we would love to see!

    1. Family, friends and pets
    2. Lifestyle
    3. How-tos / using the trailer / Cooking
    4. Camping scenery with an Escape Trailer in the shot
    5. Open road scenery Escape Trailer in the shot (traveling on the open road) 
    6. Modification videos

Videos have a max upload file size of 1gb and photos have no limit. 

If you have more than 6 photos/videos or you would prefer to send us your material through DropBox, Google Drive, YouTube, etc. just share the URL in the “Notes” section.
*This form is for Escape owners ONLY