If you’re already an Escape owner and you’re considering a different model, our brand-new Switch and Hitch program is tailor-made for you.

In our Switch & Hitch program, not only do we offer you a guaranteed trade-in price for your trailer, but you can also choose to list it on our website while awaiting your new one! 

If it sells for more, you pocket the difference – hassle-free!

This program simplifies the process of purchasing your new Escape by eliminating the hassle of selling your used Escape privately and offers peace of mind with a guaranteed trade-in value.

Additionally, you can save on the sales tax for your new Escape by applying the entire value of your trade-in.

Enjoy the added convenience of having your used Escape picked up when we deliver your new one, and trust in our expertise to handle your used trailer in an eco-friendly manner.

Fill out the form to inquire about our new program. 

Escape Trailer Program Criteria:

  • Trailers must be less than 7 years old, with minimal non-factory modifications and reasonable condition.
  • The trailer must be free of liens at the time of transfer, or financing arrangements must be in place.


  • Independent third-party inspection may be required.

Guaranteed Valuation:

  • Trade value is deducted from the purchase of a new Custom or Inventory Escape Trailer before taxes.
  • Valuation follows a declining balance depreciation model.
  • Trade value is guaranteed if the trailer remains unsold at delivery.

Private Sale:

  • Free listing on Escape’s Pre-Owned page.
  • Seller sets the selling price.
  • Option to accept guaranteed valuation or pay in full for the new trailer and continue selling privately if the trade-in remains unsold at delivery.

Switch and Hitch:

  • Delivery customers have their new trailer delivered, and the trade-in is picked up.
  • Pickup customers pick up their new trailer and deliver the trade-in.
  • Customer supports Escape with necessary ownership transfer documentation.
  • Lien removal fees are the customer’s responsibility.

How it Works

  1. Collaborate with your sales representative to determine a guaranteed trade-in value for your used Escape.
  2. Continue collaborating with your sales representative to select your new Escape model.
  3. Place a deposit to secure your chosen new Escape.
  4. Collaborate with our pre-owned representative to list your used Escape on our website for sale.
  5. Work with our customization specialists to finalize the build sheet for your new Escape according to your preferences.
  6. Complete the commitment stage by submitting the top-up payment for your new Escape.
  7. Schedule the delivery or pickup of your new Escape.
  8. Make the final payment for your new Escape, taking into account the guaranteed trade-in value if your old Escape wasn’t sold.
  9. If you’ve sold your used Escape or decided not to trade it in, you have the flexibility to choose from available options.
  10. We will coordinate the delivery of your new Escape and the pickup of your used Escape simultaneously.
  11. For pickup, bring your used Escape to us and drive away with your new Escape.
  12. Enjoy the freedom of the road with your new Escape.