Available Inventory

A limited number of pre-built inventory models are produced each year.  Escape Trailer Industries make these available via RVT.com. Click the links below to review the availability and features of each trailer.

About Inventory Units

Escape Trailer Industries produces a limited number of pre-built trailers for direct sales.  All models include our basic features, while some have limited customization already added.  Please see the build sheets below for details. Types include:

Display units have been used at our showroom.

Pre-builds or Inventory are units specifically built for inventory.  Feature sets differ from model to model.

Road Demo’s are units with a limited amount of mileage, used for trade shows and rally’s.

Can they be customized? A limited number of aftermarket changes may be possible. Please contact your sales associate for details.

For our US customers, please allow up to 2 weeks for paperwork regarding importation and licensing.  Escape Trailer Industries will help you with the importation process.

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The Escape 17’B with a full wet bath. Is the ultra-lightweight trailer option for the family looking for adventure, most customers feel that this trailer is the best crossover from tent trailer or tent camping.  It is the perfect trailer for young families and adventurers with smaller vehicles.  

The 17′B Escape is highly maneuverable on small roads and the shorter length makes tight turns easy to handle. 2-year manufacturers limited warranty.  Taxes and Fees Extra

VIN# 2E9TF6A20KC068079

VIN# 2E9TF6A29KC068081

VIN# 2E9TF6A20KC068084

VIN# 2E9TH6A20KC068096

The 19′ Escape is the light weight choice with room for storage and it will sleep 4, all while being able to be towed by an SUV or small truck. This compact and efficient trailer is a best seller, and one of the most regularly personalized trailers at Escape. The solid one-piece fiberglass shell is strong, durable, easy to clean and creates a water resistant structure. 2-year manufacturers limited warranty. Fees and Levies Extra

VIN# 2E9TF6B28KC068054

VIN# 2E9TF6B28068068

VIN# 2E9TF6B2XKC068413

VIN# 2E9TF6B26KC068067

The 21′ Escape combines a spacious open design with ample storage, quality appliances, and the ability to sleep 4 all in a light weight, easy to tow, fiberglass trailer.  This solid one-piece fiberglass shell is strong, durable, easy to clean and water resistant.  You will have no concerns about structural issues in the future. Taxes, fees and levies not included.

VIN# 2E9TF6B54KC068014

VIN# 2E9TF6B58KC068016

VIN# 2E9TF6B51KC068018

VIN# 2E9TF6B53KC068019


The Escape 5.0TA targets the mid-size truck market as most trucks including short-beds with a V6 engine can tow the Escape. The aerodynamic design includes a low center of gravity for better road stability, and decreased wind resistance. The one piece fiberglass trailer construction creates a water resistant structure. 2-year manufacturers limited warranty. Fees and Levies extra.

VIN# 2E9TF6B5XKC068048

2019 Escape 5.0 TA – SOLD

VIN# 2E9TF6B54KC068031

2019 Escape 5.0 TA SOLD

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