Escape Trailer Customer Testimonials

Escape Trailer is a customer centric manufacturer. Our trailers are built for you. We listen to your feedback and suggestions, and we incorporate them into our products and the way we do business where we can. We also enjoy hearing how we’re doing.
These are real testimonials from real Escape customers. They’ve been sent to us because they are so happy with our product and the people they’ve worked with at Escape along the way. 
Hi Amanda,
I want to thank you for arranging our pick up. Everything went much smoother than we expected. Imagine our surprise, excitement and relief seeing Dave deliver our trailer, knowing that we will be in good hands! And he did not disappoint, patiently guiding us through the hitching and unhitching processes and highlighting some of the important aspects of our trailer, giving us tips on best practices and what to watch out for. He even helped us set the gain of the brake controller in our truck. Dave made our first day with our trailer extremely wonderful. We feel very fortunate and would like to again thank Dave for his graciousness.
We are enjoying our trailer and so far so good. Things we have tried and tested seem to be working well. We have yet to try the inverter, water pump and AC.
The entire Escape team is so wonderful, friendly and helpful,
– from Melissa, whom we first contacted two years ago to see an Escape,
– to Harrison who gave us a video tour last year,
– to Joldie who helped us with our build sheet,
– to Vivian and Nicolas who provided us our production pictures,
– to you and Dave and
– to everyone else I might have missed who helped us throughout our purchase process and
– to everyone working behind the scenes building our trailer A very big thank you to you all. You made us feel part of a family and very well taken care of, not just another customer. You made our dream come true.
Sorry for an effusively long email. You can tell how excited and happy we are. 😊
Johnson and Wendy
Dear Karl and the Escape family,
On Sept. 27th we accepted delivery of our 5.0 TA in Sumas, Wa. Thank you for such a gorgeous trailer. I am going to apologize for such a long email, but you need to know what this process has meant to us.
Due to black mold issues in our last trailer, we wanted one that would not leak and that led us to fiberglass. We looked at all the options on the market and kept going back to Escape. Because of Covid restrictions, we spent a lot of time on Youtube and started viewing all your videos. We heard about the ambassador program, contacted your company and were given 2 names. Both couples graciously took their time to show us their trailer and answered our questions. We decided on the 5.0 TA.
What followed was a journey that we will never forget. At first, the realization of all the decisions we had to make was a little daunting, but your staff helped guide us through the whole process. Personal thank you to Karl, Samuel, Joldie (she is a gem!), Melissa, Nicolas, Eric, Megan, Harrison, Elaine and so many others.
You kept us informed, answered our questions, tolerated all the times we changed our minds on something and then double checked about those changes. It was so exciting to get pictures every day during the final stages of the building process. Each morning, the first thing we did was check our email and look at the progress made. The icing on the cake was the 42 pictures that Elaine sent of our finished trailer.
We have never had a buying experience like this and probably never will. We really feel that our Escape Trailer was built specifically for us.
Best Wishes,
Ann Ricks and Bruce O’Rourke

My experience with Escape Trailer Industries

It has been one year since I ordered an Escape 17B, eight months since I began selecting interior finishes and considering options, and fifteen weeks since collecting my trailer.  Here’s what I got for my time and money:

• an innovative buying experience, personal attention combined with informative videos
• the fabric, flooring, formica and wood finishes I picked for the interior
• the options I wanted to best set-up my trailer for dry camping
• photos of my trailer as it was being built, and an album when production was complete
• simple steps for ordering, paying, and arranging delivery, and uncomplicated documents
• nothing extra—no mandatory upgrades, dealer add-ons, or hidden fees 
• a clean and shiny trailer, with everything working, delivered at the time and place promised

Now I’ve enjoyed seven camping trips with my E17B, used it twenty-six days, towed it 3,129 trouble-free miles, and know it is just the camper I wanted it to be.  Small outside, easy to tow, set-up, and care for.  Open and roomy inside, with an efficient and versatile floor plan, full galley, adequate wet bath, ample storage and plenty of ventilation.

Standard features I especially like:

• strong fiberglass shell with no seams to let water in
• light weight and modest wind profile save gas and reduce wear and tear on my tow vehicle
• rearward axle placement eliminates noticeable sway
• easy to clean exterior
• high quality fit and finish of interior woodwork 
• light and views from three windows at each end of the trailer
• fresh air through five screened windows, a screen door, and a Maxx fan
• four possible dining/sleeping layouts
• motion-sensing light in the bath

Options added for use as a camper are few: air conditioner, kitchen window, dual 6V batteries, outside shower and a half dozen lesser amenities.

What could be better:

• quieter air conditioner
• additional cooktop choice
• digital thermostat with a more readable display
• medicine cabinet with more robust shelves and reliable door latch

All in, I got a quality build of a well-designed trailer, personalized to my taste and intended use, at a competitive price.  Time and money well spent!

Dave Yost
Hi Karl,

At 1:00 pm on Monday we met the driver in Eugene, Oregon that delivered the trailer. Also meeting us there were our friends the Willon’s who referred us to Escape and have had their 21C for four years.

While the driver was very nice, and probably wanted to get going, our excitement to open the trailer and look inside delayed his departure a few minutes while we looked around. All we can say is WOW! We hooked the trailer up, went to a place to fill the propane containers, and followed the Willon’s to a camp site. 1:00 pm trailer pick up and 4:00 pm camping!! Doesn’t get better than that!!

That night we were once again reflecting on the entire Escape experience:
  • Shopping for a trailer
  • Friends suggesting Escape
  • Confused about towing and you (Karl) taking the time to call and coach us early on.
  • Making the decision last year to purchase
  • Every step of the way with each person at Escape was an enjoyable experience.

Everyone we interacted with has been over the top helpful. Something rookies like us needed.

This morning Dorothy is still sleeping and I am sitting at the U-Shaped dinette in Southern Oregon where it is 34 degrees, having a cup of coffee inside our comfortable, warm trailer.

So today, not only do we want to thank you and the people we interacted with again, but we want to thank all of the Escape employees for your dedication to quality. We will go forward happily referring anyone and everyone we know to the Escape front door and we will gladly hold the door open for them.
Again, we cannot thank you enough.
Rick and Dorothy Anixter
Note- we will be sending pictures soon!
I bought an Escape 19 Trailer in March 2018. The same year, I camped throughout Oregon in desert, mountains, lakeside, riverside and oceanfront. I’ve traveled as far east as Quartzite and Tucson, Arizona and south to Monterey, California. I drive a Toyota Highlander, a six cylinder vehicle and live in a southern Oregon valley with mountains all around. There have been zero problems negotiating uphill, downhill, gravel, dirt or interstate. The size, weight and feature enable me to go where the big rigs cannot or should not.
My first RV was a tent thrown in the back of a station wagon that hauled me, wife, and four children. After the children grew and our dogs traveled with us, we bought a small Winnebago motorhome. I loved the convenience of an all in one but was unwilling to drag a toad behind me, and city traffic, hitching, unhitching and the persistent rattle of dishware while traveling made a “bumper pull” attractive after illness forced the sale. After recovery, we entered the world of fiberglass trailers with a 16’ Casita towed with a Dodge Durango. After a journey south to Arizona, east to Alabama, north to Pennsylvania and finally west to home in Oregon, I decided to upgrade to a new Escape. I loved the Casita and the Durango but the trailer was too small and the Dodge too big. The Casita sold in 15 minutes after I posted it on Craigslist. The Durango sold soon after. I was hooked on small fiberglass trailers, and since purchasing the Escape, people have knocked on my door unsolicited by me with offers to purchase it.
Buying an Escape is a unique experience. I researched what I wanted on the internet, paid attention to Canadian versus US dollar exchange rates and sent a deposit to Escape Industries so they could begin the process. There has to be a level of trust to pay in advance, design by internet, and phone, calculate the costs and drive to Canada for the final orientation and purchase. It was an adventure. The crew in Chilliwack, British Columbia, accommodated my preferences, tolerated my questions and built for me a wonderful trailer. Each one can be made different with options. I took delivery prior Covid and at the time was concerned about political pressures complicating trade relations between Canada and the US. My concerns were unwarranted. I crossed the border, stayed a pleasant night in downtown Chilliwack, had a nice dinner and breakfast, attended the new owner orientation, had a brake controller installed on the Durango and crossed the border where the new Escape waited for me to be hitched and hauled back to Oregon.
I am very pleased. 😊

Lester Melton

Greetings to our friends in Chilliwack!
We received our Escape 19 on Wednesday morning March 31, 2021.
We love it! So beautiful, inside and outside!
We live in a neighborhood where people walk the 2 mile lap around the neighborhood daily.
We had at least 20 friends tour our new Escape in the first 2 days.
Everyone had heard about our excitement with ordering and deciding on options.
Rave reviews after they got to see it. Perfect size and layout.
Thank you so much for your thoughtful design and customer interaction.
Marguerite and Joel Parliment
Fort Collins, Colorado

We picked up the trailer today. Everything was very smooth with the delivery company. We are sooooo happy with the trailer

Making a big purchase like this sight unseen is a bit nerve racking, but we are so happy with your product….even better than our highest expectations. We can’t wait to hit the road!

Thanks to all at Escape who made this a great experience, from start to finish.

Patrick & Irene McDougall

Hi Karl,

Hope this note is finding you and family doing well.

I know I have sent you notes complimenting you and Escape employees during our reservation time frame.  

Today I just wanted to send you a quick note to once again compliment. We had our “four month before delivery” call with Linda. Wow. We had a list of questions that we were able to ask her and received 95% of the answers during the call. There were a few questions that she quickly answered “let me find out and I will get back with you” and she did within one day via email. With pictures!

As rookies in the travel trailer type of camping, I have been able to go to the forum to help us decide what we needed and wanted. It also allowed us to know which questions to ask Linda. Her thoughts and knowledge helped us with final decisions.

You really have a great team.  Enjoy this backlog ride and I am sure it will continue for you and the team.

BTW, I am not a large social media type of guy, so posting things is not my specialty. However, if your sales team needs a “verbal” type of referral for a client that may be on the fence, I would be happy to be a person that your team can provide my contact information in order for me to share our experience with the buyers as they try to decide. I guess it would be a type of ambassador, but without the need to show them the trailer at this time since we don’t have the trailer yet.

Stay safe, and thank you, Rick Anixter

We received our Escape 5.0 last Tuesday in Redwood City. Delivery was flawless, driver and towing company assisted in unloading trailer, helping with the hitch and driver gave some instruction on operating the landing gear. I can’t believe you are able to deliver at such a low cost and I greatly appreciate it.

All systems check out and operate perfectly, have been having fun this last week adding accessories and making modifications to personalize our new trailer. The online Escape videos are very helpful. I’ve just about finished my projects, Terri will start outfitting her kitchen this week. We are anxious to travel, looking forward to when we gain ground against the virus so parks can open up.

Thank you and all the folks at Escape for building and providing a beautiful and well-made product. I can see why Escape has such a strong enthusiastic following of owners and soon to be owners.

Hopefully, we can get back to some form of normal and maybe see you at the rally next year.

Thank you and stay well, Terri & Gary Moore

We received our trailer Wednesday and are very happy. It’s nice to have some good news for a change! Everything is as we expected, well made, and shows great attention to detail. As we spent a good deal of time on sailboats, the interior reminds me of a boat cabin, and I keep expecting to be rocking with the waves. That’s a good thing for sure! Thanks for all your help. I think she looks happy in her new home port!

Stay well, Kate and Greg Garrett

Sharon, Elaine, Melisa, Dave, & Bob and all the staff that have truly made our “purchase experience” absolutely one of the best we have ever had. We received our incredible designed, engineered, and manufactured Travel Trailer last Monday, May 4.

Right from the beginning, when I first inquired with Melisa about purchasing the trailer all the way through to deliver we were treated with very caring service. It’s what I  call the “human side of business”. All questions and concerns were always answered promptly, and in many cases, we were advised of features we did not even know were basic with the trailer. Sharon made sure delivery arrangements were coordinated to meet our travel plans.  When we arrived we were about an hour early of appointment time. The trailer was ready to go. Everyone dropped what they were doing and immediately made our pick up happen extremely professionally and timely. Dave and Bob, both extremely knowledgeable, made sure we understood the operational part of the trailer and I learned a lot about the proper way to hook it up. I have had over 30 years of pulling travel trailers and after Bob finished I now know a lot more about hooking up for safer and more enjoyable towing. My wife, Sandy, and I are extremely grateful and we can honestly say the whole experience went, “Way Beyond Our Expectations”.

After leaving the property, we stopped for lunch and were approached by a complete stranger wanting to know where we got our great looking trailer.  Needless to stay we were delighted to tell them our story… I am sure it will not be the last time.

Our very best regards, Doug and Sandra Anderson 

Just have to shout out to the amazing customer service team at Escape. That alone is worth buying an Escape! Even with COVID we are able to tentatively pick up our E5.0 the first week of June! Seriously, the nicest people ever!!

Robert & Sally Reed

So, I was just in my trailer putting some things away. As I finished, I sat down at the dinette and just looked at things. The fit and finish on this trailer is superb. It is so nice. I am really proud to own it.

When I first looked at Escape, honestly, I first became interested in you guys due to my limited budget. I, like most people, usually can afford only about 75% of what I really want. So, I make compromises. Sometimes those compromises end up making my purchase decision something I regret.

But in this case, I actually don’t feel I have compromised at all. I think Escape makes a super high-quality product that delivers a great bang for the buck. I feel I received all the features I want and need, and the completed package is really high quality. I feel like I paid for a Ford, but received the quality of a Mercedes Benz.

So, thanks for everything. I love my new trailer!

Steve Holderfield 


Received our ESCAPE in good order… your driver was wonderful as we totally expected. We spent the night in a rest area and just got home an hour ago.

It is SO MUCH FUN to have an escape and we are THRILLED with the fabric. The colors tie in with the rest of the “decor”. Where does the excitement end?

There was very little traffic on the roads and the driving was pleasant. No worries about viruses. (We put LARGE masks on the fronts of our truck and trailer and sprayed sanitizer on the tires when we got home…you never know!)

We stopped for burgers in Ellensberg and the people there said “we love your trailer” then we stopped for gas and the attendant came out of his sterile environment to ask about it. I think we are going to need more cards! Even with the minimal traffic we had two cars pull up next to us to check it out.

Tell Sharon we haven’t broken the toilet in yet…we’re saving that for a special occasion.

Linda… want you to know we have absolutely no buyer’s remorse and feel it isn’t just a purchase, it is an investment. We are also very comforted to know that your follow-up customer service will be as stellar as we have received thus far. Thanks to all of you for that and know that we feel we have made great new Canadian friends in the process. If you’re ever in Spokane, you have first class 21′ accommodations at the Fisher house.

Good luck to you all,

Warmest, Joan & David Fisher

PS. Never let your guard down, we could be back!

To each and every person at Escape,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

We received delivery of our beautiful 21-foot Escape trailer on April 6th of 2020. Even though these are trying times, our days are now filled, marveling at the fabulous craftmanship, skill, and expertise displayed in every detail of our trailer. In the process of admiring every aspect your work, and the beautiful cabinetry, it came to us that the important feedback that comes from watching customers marvel at your work, must be missing right now. So, we’re writing this letter to let you know, as best we can, how amazed we are at the talents of each and every one of you. 

If you could have followed us for the last two days, admiring every detail you so skillfully attended to, it would have done your hearts proud. When I say that, know that we aren’t newbie’s in the camping world. Know that when we repeatedly oohed and awed over your work, we’ve owned a fiberglass camping trailer for 14 years, that saw consistent use, before we stepped up to this wonderful Escape. Know also, that my wife Barbara is quite keen on cleanliness, and that even on this score, you amazed her and I at the cleanliness in every corner.

When the skill and attentiveness of your work becomes so evident, one should be rewarded. Obviously, the biggest reward, is in the rewards towards one’s pride that you must surely get from watching people’s reactions. I’ve observed repeatedly, after thirty-five years as an advertising and annual report photographer, how important this feedback is to skilled people; that it’s at the core of why such skill and talent becomes obvious, of why such attention to detail exists… and also, that it’s why it’s such a rare commodity in the world.

So… this is our attempt to let you know that we’re amazed at your work. To every person at Escape, from the sales people, to the talented individuals at the mold shop, the welders, outfitters, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, insulators, the skilled upholstery persons, the cleaning crew, and detailers – and to Joldie, Sharon, Melisa, Meagan, Elaine, and Karl, and to each and every one of you as individuals, there are enough oohs and ahs going on around here to fill your hearts with pride – and you deserve it!

Someday, we hope to come and say thanks in person! Until then, stay safe, and stay healthy.

Impressed, Dan and Barbara Stroud

I picked up my new Escape 5.0 in Kansas City on Thursday and I am delighted! The trailer is beautiful inside and out. The delivery truck arrived right on time capping off a truly pleasant buying experience for me. I really appreciate the way Escape does business, the whole process of selecting the trailer and picking out options was truly a pleasure. Everyone I dealt with at Escape either by phone or email was friendly and very helpful. Your commitment to customer service was very evident to me.
Also, Please pass on to your production crew my thanks for building such a quality RV. Their workmanship, attention to detail and pride are very evident in the finished product.
Thanks again to the entire Escape crew.
Ray Fallen

Thank you, Karl, and the rest of the Escape staff for delivering such a high quality product and for providing such great customer service and communication throughout the planning, buying, and delivery process! You made buying our 5.0 so painless. We wish all businesses were run as well as yours!

We took delivery of our Escape 5.0 about 5 weeks ago and have already put about 2000 miles on it with trips to Big Bend National Park and several trips to the Texas Hill Country and South Texas. We are so delighted with it and are finding that it draws much positive attention wherever we go.

After having owned another company’s fiberglass camper for 7 years, we are thrilled with the increased spaciousness of the 5.0. We also love that we were able to customize it to fit our needs. The videos were so helpful to us with that.

We look forward to many years ahead of trouble-free RV’ing and of maintaining our friendships with the helpful and friendly Escape staff whom we have gotten to know.

Thank you,

Warren and Linda Johnson

We decided on the Escape 19 in the spring of 2021 and had hoped to get it by spring of 2022. With all the opportunities to move up our delivery date we were able to pick it up at the time we had originally hoped for. Joldie was fantastic to work with in configuring our trailer and Sharon kept us well informed going into the delivery stage. As we were configuring the trailer to meet our needs, Dustin in Service and Parts has been great at getting back to us quickly on a couple of questions we’ve had.

We have found that the tutorial and maintenance videos have been extremely useful and we felt well prepared for the use of the new trailer.

We have been on three outings including the return trip from Sumas, WA. The E19 has met or exceeded all of our expectations. It is much easier to tow than our previous single axle smaller trailer and even gets better gas mileage while pulling it with our Toyota Tacoma.

We normally sleep on a firm mattress and were a little concerned how the plush mattress would be, however we have found it to be very comfortable and we both get a good nights sleep. Living in the Northwest we spent a little more time inside the trailer during the Spring because of the rain, but found it very comfortable for reading and playing games while waiting for the weather to clear a bit.

We would like to say thanks to everyone at Escape for our trailer and the process of ordering, configuring, and support.

Mike & Nancy Herron

Greetings Dustin and Dave….and everyone else who worked on our E21,

THANK YOU so very much for the warranty work on our gray tank this week!!!

We were so thrilled to not only see the drain pipe fixed but the gray tank vent pipe fixed. You truly went above and beyond. We appreciate it so much! We’re on our way north to Alaska now so once again, thank you for helping to restore our trailer…perfectly!

Just so you know, it has been such an honor to own our Escape and experience such professional and courteous care from your whole team.

Your willingness to work with us to remedy this makes us very proud Escape Ambassadors.

We will definitely continue to help promote Escape and show our beautiful trailer off with renewed Escape pride.  

Keep up the good work!

Best Regards,

Birdie and Curt Nilsen

Good Morning!

At the lost Dutchman State Park near Phoenix Arizona. This is a view of the superstition Mountains which when sitting inside the trailer we can look out the dining room window of our E21C. This is what we dreamed about when we bought our escape trailer. Thank you so much for a great product.

Greg & Karen Shadel

Thank you very much again, Sharon. I have to say, apart from the superior product you fine folks at Escape manufacture, Tricia and I just can’t express how impressed we’ve been so far with how amazing everyone there has been to us. Thank you sometimes seems insufficient, but please know that your efforts and those of the other staff team members are very, very much appreciated!

John and Tricia Smith.

Thank you Escape Industries for our new Escape 19 trailer picked up today.

From the very beginning configuring our trailer with Linda’s assistance to the final orientation with Dave, the service was just wonderful!

We are looking forward to many family adventures and will be so happy to be ambassadors for the Escape Family!


James Back

Salt Spring Island 

The journey to owning an Escape is at least a chapter in and of itself. Several years ago we got the travel bug, went to one of those massive RV shows and proceeded to buy a stick built, small, pull behind – it lasted long enough to find how poorly most are constructed. Ours had a blowout on it’s second major trip – and totalled the trailer. We researched sturdy, 2 axle trailers and discovered Escape. Next step was the wonderful Ambassador program where were toured and met the owners of a 5.0. We sent in our deposit forthwith – knowing it could be close to 18 months before delivery. It was absolutely worth the wait. We had plenty of time to read the forums and watch the videos before we made the decisions that personalized it for us. …and the it finally happened when we drove out and picked up in Sumas. It is comfortable, bright and a much easier tow than our previous trailer. We are in love with it and highly recommend the Escape team that made it possible.

Ann M

Introduce yourself and your family!

Matthew and Beverley. We live in Edmonton Alberta. We have one child who is grown and married and they live close by also here in Edmonton. Our son-in -law is 6’5” and we wanted a trailer he could stand up in!  We have 2 fur babies named Newton and Maxwell. The verdict is still out as to whether they will become trailer/camping cats.

Where is home and what is the climate like?

Edmonton is home and we get all kinds of weather. From -40C to 35C and weather can change quickly so we are not surprised by snow in June or 10C in February. It can be -28C one week and 2C the following week. Or in summer 32C one day and 10C the next day. Crazy!!

What Escape model did you purchase?

0ur Escape is a 5.0 and is a baby at 1 month old 🥰

Did you consider any other brand?

We researched trailers for 3 ish years. We considered Winnebago, Airstream, Little Guy Max, NuCamp, Casita, and Oliver Travel Trailers. When we settled on fibreglass construction we included Escape trailers and once we researched Escape the choice became obvious! Escape was for us!

Did you have your Escape delivered or did you pick it up?

Picked up my Escape

How was the pick up experience like?

Our pick up was May 26th 2021. We were a mix of emotions between excited and nervous as we had limited experience with trailer towing. We were confident we did loads of research and even took an on line trailer towing course before pick up but... still nervous!! Dave guided us through hook up and covered some other basic information. He was so great! He made the hook up seem so easy... almost too easy 😂 but then we were on our way and really towing this trailer... for reals!! So exciting!!

Have you adventured in your Escape yet? If so, where did you go and what was it like?

Our first adventure was the drive back to Edmonton, Alberta. We limited each day of driving to a maximum of 3 hours so that we would have ample time to get to know the trailer and it’s systems and not be too stressed by the driving. This also allowed us time to rest & enjoy a few days at each of the campgrounds we stayed at along the way. The process of hooking up became easier and our confidence backing up/parking, managing fresh/grey/black tanks and general driving through mountain roads increased so much in just 12 days!

What were your top options you added?

Solar, 2 way hot water tank, flush mount stove/oven combo, Lagun table, AC

Any options you would have like to get that would make life easier on the road?

Can’t think of any just yet

Any options you got that you now think are not necessary?

Nope! We originally thought we’d get AC as it would be best for resale (though we’ve no intention of selling EVER!) and didn’t think we would need AC as our history with tent camping in Alberta has always been rain and cold. But driving home through the Kootenay’s proved to us that AC is needed and we are so thankful we have it!

Final thoughts

We are the most excited Escape trailer newbies you’ve ever met! We have 5 more trips planned this summer and we’ve excitedly shown the trailer to friends and family. We’ve already talked with strangers in campgrounds and the neighborhood about our 5.0 It seems in Alberta these trailers are a curiosity for many and we are so happy to show our 5.0 baby off!

Introduce yourself and your family!

Greg & Ilse

Where is home and what is the climate like?

Home is Boulder, Colorado 

What Escape model did you purchase?

2018 Escape 19'er

Did you consider any other brand?

We owned a Scamp 16er for 10+ years.  After seeing Escapes at a fiberglass trailer rally decided to move to up Escape.  We couldn't be happier!

Did you have your Escape delivered or did you pick it up?

Picked up my Escape

How was the pick up experience like?

If you purchase your Escape trailer new, I highly recommend picking it up at the factory.  Escape's orientation and help connecting the trailer to your tow vehicle is worth the drive.  Do it!

Have you adventured in your Escape yet? If so, where did you go and what was it like?

In the slightly less than 3 years we've owned our 19'er, we've got 40,000+ miles on it and slept in the trailer over 200 nights.  We've had way too many adventures and seen way too many places to mention in a short write up.  In any case, it's probably obvious we love the trailer and use it a lot!

What were your top options you added?

Top options:  Solar panels, thermal (winter) package, a/c, inverter, and personally installed:  Weboost cell signal booster & Victron battery monitor.

Any options you would have like to get that would make life easier on the road?

Weboost cell signal booster.  Starlink mobile internet package (when available).    

Any options you got that you now think are not necessary?

Television antenna.

Final thoughts

An Ode To Escape Trailers

Escape is a verb and a name

Which already has worldwide acclaim.

The quality renown

From the roof to the ground,

Own one and understand its fame.

Escape trailers are made with great class;

They’re strong as they’re made to last.

No rattles you’ll hear;

Rain water stays clear,

All because of their fine fiberglass.

To Escape is such a great pleasure;

The fun you’d have, beyond measure.

You’ll be ready to roam

With the comforts of home;

Fond memories forever you’ll treasure.

So it’s time that you get into shape;

Unwind, move away from red tape.

Experience great fun

When under the sun

With family and friends, let’s Escape!

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