Should You Buy An RV Manufacturer Direct?

Benefits and drawbacks of viewing an RV during the purchase process

All that glitters is not gold. Dealerships often have a lot full of unused RV’s for your viewing pleasure, normally accompanied by a commission-based salesperson to answer your questions with a goal to quickly get you to decide on an RV.

Age and experience have worth. The real test of quality, workmanship and durability is best viewed in an RV that has been used. Direct to Consumer (D2C) ambassadors give unbiased no commission feedback and the RV’s age/travel experience is something worth noting for how well it has survived.

Some D2C manufacturers e.g., Escape offer extensive education online and will host you for a video tour, so you can ask questions and see the product from your home.

Does the convenience of a dealership benefit you? Keep reading below.

The reality of purchasing an RV from a dealer

Everyone has to eat. You will pay more from a dealer than you would pay if you purchased from the manufacturer. The dealer has bills to pay e.g., commissions, rent, taxes etc.

One size fits all. There is no customization or personalisation with dealers. If they have what you want then that is OK.

At Escape, for example, you customize your RV from 1000’s of styles and 100+ options and you choose where they will ship your trailer! You pay the costs as they are quoted without any mark-up. We have a non-commission sales team and have no middleman to pay so we pass on the savings to you. Buying a manufacturer-direct RV from Escape allows you to design your RV so that it arrives Built for You.

The delivery process of a manufacturer-direct RV vs. dealership RV

Taking delivery of your RV is an exciting day!

If you are in a hurry and need an RV right away, buying one off the lot is quick and easy. 

Whereas buying one from Escape takes a bit longer because we build a custom trailer just for you!

Choose between picking up your trailer at Escape or have it delivered to your door for a flat rate of $2500 USD.  

Buying direct from the manufacturer makes it easy for us to assist you with onboarding. Check out what our customers are saying to get a clearer picture of how we go above and beyond to make the RV buying process easy.

Support that comes with a custom-built RV

Once you purchase your RV, you want to know that the company you purchased from is there to support you. Escape is a company founded by passionate RVers that began their journey as a way to help more people enjoy the RV lifestyle. This is why we provide lifetime support and want every Escapee to feel like part of a family. Our team wants to ensure you that your needs are and will be provided for.

With dealerships, you may find their interest in helping you wane after your drive off the lot.


Warranty repair on an Escape is rare due to the durable fiberglass one-piece shell. However, wherever you may be, we will cover the costs and this includes any small parts that we need to send to you. 

If there are warranty issues from an appliance or interior equipment, it is repaired the same as a dealership would.

Since we deal directly with you, we make sure that everything is done correctly at the factory and we proudly stand behind the quality of our trailers.

If quick and temporarily convenient is what you are looking for, purchasing from a dealership will meet your needs. However, if support, resale value, and quality are important to you and you don’t mind waiting a bit longer, then give Escape a try. 

Often, companies with the best reputations have waitlists–quality takes time. An Escape trailer Built for You is well worth the wait.