Why Fiberglass RVs are Better

There are many factors to be considered when it comes to deciding which RV is right for you. The critical factor is construction materials and methods, this is the foundational component for your RV. 

Structural Integrity

Strong & Durable

Fiberglass is stronger and more durable than steel by weight. It is impact resistant and will not dent or degrade.


¼ the weight of steel, and more flexible than wood.


Drafts are the greatest source of heat loss. The Escape one-piece fiberglass approach eliminates drafts.

Aerodynamic Design

Fiberglass can be molded into complex shapes that are impossible with wood or metal. A molded fiberglass shell is more aerodynamic and slips through the air more efficiently.


Dust Reduction

No seams, no drafts, no dust.

Mold Resistant

Mold needs food to grow. Fiberglass is not food for mold.

Reduce Critters

Limiting access to weak points stops critters from entering your RV.

Maintenance & Repair

Minimal maintenance is required on fiberglass RVs & the risk of costly repairs is only a fraction of the potential with non-fiberglass RVs.

Smart Investment

Fiberglass RVs are resilient and have great longevity which leads to an excellent reputation for value retention and lower maintenance costs as the trailer ages.

One-piece fiberglass is the most durable, wood panel composites are less durable, and aluminum is the most challenging to repair. 

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