The History of Escape Trailers

Every Escape trailer is built upon years of experience. We started building trailers out of a passion to create the best possible fiberglass trailer on the market and that passion continues today.

The Beginning - Reace and Tammy Harmatuik

In 1993, Reace started purchasing older fiberglass trailers and repairing them. People kept stopping and asking if the trailers were for rent. So, Reace started an RV rental company – Economy Travel Trailer Rentals.


The First Escape

Our RV rental customers were asking for extra features in the fiberglass rental trailers. We hired our first staff member and were officially in the fiberglass trailer industry. We formed Escape Trailer Industries.


Early Grower

We could only build one trailer at a time, and we didn’t have a demonstration trailer to use for marketing purposes, fortunately we had that one special customer who let us use their trailer for marketing. To improve Quality we brought the fiberglass and welding shops on site so that we had more control of the product development. As business continued to increase, we started experimenting with methods of how to sell the Escape Trailer.


Building Customer Centric Relationships

In 2006 we tried to sell through Dealers. The challenge was customer relationship, we felt the key was understanding our customers and building products that fully satisfied their needs. We struggled with the lack of interaction with our customers. It did not allow us to follow our business model. So we closed down for six months, worked on the design and introduction of our Escape 5.0 fifth-wheel, and returned to direct sales.


First Escape Rally

The first Escape Trailer rally. The start of an annual tradition open to all Escape owners or Soon to Be owners.


Manufacturer Direct Sales

We quickly discovered that Customer direct sales with our manufactured product were superior to all others. A manufacturer with direct sales can afford to put an emphasis on Quality while maintaining a fair price for customers. The business grew quickly. In 2012 Escape Trailer Industries purchased the current property.



In 2016 we expanded with a 3rd building on the property. This was combined with renovations and upgrades to the existing facilities. We created a world class fiberglass manufacturing capability along with a revamped production line. Customer appreciation continued to grow as did our orders, and range of options.


The New Beginning

We partnered in July 2018 with KV Private Equity, and began the next phase of our growth strategy. This gave us the extra support to take Escape to the next level.


10th Year Rally Anniversary

The Escape rally has grown to over 150 trailers. We launched a new Maple interior, and continue to grow our brand. New customer relationship support tools, new configuration tools, and a host of other improvements specifically aimed at customer support and product quality.


Continued Expansion

A customer driven project! After receiving requests for a family-friendly upgrade of the E19, we introduced the E21NE. While identical in floorplan it features a wider shell (which translates into a wider aisle), more storage and most importantly: a spacious u-shaped dinette.


Introducing New Options

With the release of a third interior choice "Contemporary" many customers chose to brighten up their trailer. Next to “Maple” it became the second most liked color. We continue to “Built for You!” and new options found their way to Escape including Lithium Batteries and Composting Toilets for extended “boondocking”. This is also the year we launched the US Hub delivery program which by today reaches 17 locations across the States.


E23 Prototype & Education

Excitement ran high as Escape welcomed the arrival of the molds and chassis for the brand new E23. This unit will feature a rear entry, walk around (or twin) bed and aluminum chassis and our engineers are working hard on making a long awaited dream come true. To help customers make their best and informed decisions on option choices our team introduced an interactive configurator tool. We also remember the Escape Rally in Osoyoos as a wonderful get together for both staff and Escape owners and we look forward to meeting again next year.