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Ultimate Personalization​

Built Just For You

Escape is all about putting you, the customer, at the center of everything we do. Our team takes pride in our products, service, and the experience you have while crafting your Escape. With our slogan “Built for You,” we mean every word of it!

Why settle for what’s on your local dealer’s lot? Escape empowers you to shape your trailer to your journey, reflecting your unique style and vision.

There are thousands upon thousands of ways to personalize your Escape trailer to ensure it’s your home away from home. 

Shell Colors

Whether you opt to color the entire shell or just the bottom half, you’ll enjoy the freedom to express yourself while creating a distinctive look that sets your Escape apart. 

Please note that while the shell can be colored to your preference, the door, hatches and covers remains untouched.

*Colored shells exclude metallics and fluorescents. 

Band Decals

Work closely with our skilled designers to craft a bespoke decal that is exclusively yours and reflects your individuality or choose from our Standard Band Designs. 

You can also make Minor Enhancements, seamlessly incorporating personal touches for a truly personalized trailer.

Legacy Decals

Embrace tradition with our Legacy Decals, a timeless hallmark of Escape Trailer since the beginning.


Escape has three choices: Maple, Contemporary and Oak. Contemporary includes painted wood cabinet doors with textured vinyl material covering plywood panelling for the cabinet faces, walls, and other areas.

Both the Maple and Contemporary options include frosted acrylic inserts for the upper cabinet doors. Oak is unavailable in the E23 but can be specially ordered for other models.


Pick your fabrics to design your trailer as the perfect home away from home. Our fabric not only looks great, it’s also easy to clean and durable.

Want something different? Many customers order through Sailrite or jtsoutdoorfabrics as they ship directly to Escape.

To discuss alternate fabric sources, please consult with one of our configuration specialists.

Have a fabric sample in mind that we don’t source? Mail the fabric to us and we’d be happy to install it. 


Camping is definitely all about the outdoors, but there are times when it’s nice to enjoy the indoors as well.

Pick the perfect flooring to complement the rest of your trailer, whether it’s one of our standard choices or select from one of our partner sites ManningtonArmstrong Flooring, or Shaw Floors


The kitchen is the heart of every trailer, so make yours beautiful! Our countertops are not only durable, they also help to make the perfect statement in your kitchen. 

Looking for a different look? Visit Formica to select a countertop color, texture, and pattern to perfectly match your style.

Countertop Trim Colors

The personalization choices below show our standard choices and are included in the base price of each trailer.

*Small surcharge applies for customization outside of the below standard choices  

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Escape trailers are built for you.