Our Direct to Customer Model

We work directly with you to build your personalized trailer. Our team offers exceptional customer service every step of the sales and building process.

We Build For You.

By bypassing dealers, we are able to foster long-term relationships with you! We have greater control over the transaction, your experience, and privacy information to make sure your experience is the best. 

Working directly with you allows us to deliver the best value and highest quality of service, plus the following benefits:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Personalized service from our knowledge experts
  • No pressure, non-commission sales team
  • Industry-leading personalization options
  • We know our trailers inside and out because we build them
  • Factory-direct warranty
  • We listen to your feedback and apply necessary changes quickly
  • Owners become part of our family

We hold ourselves accountable for the parts we manufacture. Warranty repair on an Escape is rare, wherever you may be, we’ll cover costs and this includes any small parts that we need to send to you. All the interior equipment will be supported at any authorized dealer, just like any other RV.

We also offer more customization and personalization than any other RV manufacturer in North America. Choose your appliances, flooring, fabric, countertops, and cabinetry to truly create your own home away from home.

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