Book your one-on-one private tour with Samuel

One-on-one with Samuel

We know it’s difficult to make an appointment to view an Escape in person at the moment, so we are offering a virtual one-on-one private tour with our sales specialist, Samuel. 

We can use a variety of applications such as Zoom, Signal, and WhatsApp!

If possible, we would prefer using Zoom as it is giving us the best results for video calls.

If you prefer a different method you’ll be able to specify it once you book a time to meet. Samuel will walk you through our limited inventory or any model you choose. To schedule your appointment with Samuel please use the link below.

Please note: If you’ve scheduled a call or video chat with Samuel, please make sure to indicate what app you prefer on his scheduling form. And please have that app installed and ready to go prior to your scheduled call. Unfortunately we can’t accommodate video chats using FaceTime.