Escape 17A Ultra-Lightweight Camper Trailer

The Escape 17A is the ultra-lightweight trailer option for the family looking for adventure, most customers feel that this trailer is the best crossover from tent trailer or tent camping. It is the perfect trailer for young families and adventurers with smaller vehicles. The E17A is highly maneuverable on small roads and the shorter length makes tight turns easy to handle. Images on this page are a mixture of 17A and 17B

Escape 17A Overview

As the Escape 17A has no wet bath, it is the perfect crossover from tent camping. This is a lightweight travel trailer for a greener footprint. No bathroom enables a permanent bed and a 4-person dinette as well as a fair-sized wardrobe. The single axle and shorter length make it a great trailer for smaller roads and tighter turns.

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Spin the image around! This is a 17B but it will give you a good idea for the 17A
2021 pricing - Starting at

$22,995 USD

$29,595 CAD

Two Piece Fiberglass Shell Construction

The Escape17A represents high quality. The 100% molded fiberglass body is made in a two-piece mold. Our fiberglass team bonds the upper and lower halves together before the shell is demolded and bolted to the frame. Anchor points are fiberglassed in strategic locations for mounting the interior cabinetry and walls. This method of construction ensures a structurally solid trailer. This durable, seamless trailer will not twist or distort over time.

Lightweight & Aerodynamic Design

There are many key features about the Escape which make it lightweight and aerodynamic, keeping travel costs to a minimum. With a dry weight of only 2290lbs (E17A) or 2640lbs (E17B), the Escape 17 has been designed specifically for mid-sized vehicles such as mini-vans, SUVs and mid-sized trucks with a V6 engine or a minimum towing capacity of 4000lbs. The aerodynamic design of the Escape 17 includes a low center of gravity for better road stability and low wind resistance or drag when in tow. This combined with the rubber torsion suspension axle not only reduces vibration while traveling but also provides independent suspension and is maintenance free. All of our Radial Tires (including the full size spare) are balanced before you pick up your trailer.


The Escape 17A comes standard with an easy and comfortable galley style kitchen with a 3 cubic foot fridge, a permanent bed and four person dinette which can also convert into a sleeping area.  The interior is professionally finished with natural maple or oak cabinetry, large windows, high-grade linoleum flooring and a unique, hygienic insulated vinyl headliner/wall covering.

Specifications Value
Exterior Length 17’ 8” (add 6″ for spare tire)
Max. Exterior Height 8′ 8″ (Top of AC)
Exterior Width 6′ 8″
Interior Height 6′ 2″
Interior Length 13′ 8″
Fresh Water Capacity 20 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 26 Gallons
Liquid Propane Gas Capacity 2 x 20 lbs
Hitch Weight 256 lbs
Axle Weight 2034 lbs
Total Dry Weight 2290 lbs
GVWR 4000 lbs
Ball Height 18″ When Loaded




Safety/Fire Protection


Kitchen Area

Holding Tanks