Discover the Escape

Escape Trailer builds high-quality lightweight fiberglass travel trailers designed to be practical, elegant and affordable. Our reputation for quality and customer satisfaction ensures a strong competitive foothold in the RV industry.

All of the Escape travel trailers have a 100% molded fiberglass body. The body is constructed from a top and bottom shell which is fiberglassed together at the center prior to demolding to create a seamless body construction. This eliminates any chance of water penetration while maintaining a strong, durable, lightweight RV.

"I can't say enough good about our Escape Trailer and the owners of the company! Total quality on all aspect of this trailer! It was so easy to work with this company. We ordered upgrades and personalization that you would never be able to do with the big, slap-them-together trailer companies. Took the trailer back after a year for a few warranty repairs. We were able to get an appointment quickly and the trailer was done within a few hours. Thank you Escape Trailers!"

Julie Robertson

Our Philosophy

To build High Quality, Durable, Personalized trailers for as many people as possible. 

We are a customer centric group of people proud of the product, service and most of all the experience you have while building your Escape.

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