RV Review: Escape 5.0TA Fiberglass Fifth-Wheel

The Escape 5.0TA offers fifth-wheel benefits in a package that can be towed by almost any full-size pickup – trailerlife.com

5th wheel

From TrailerLife.com

We’ve been entangled in a few heated debates with readers over the years on the subject of half-ton fifth-wheel towing. “You can’t do it!” they howled. “There’s not enough payload capacity!” We calmly attempted to explain that, depending on the size of the fifth-wheel, its pin weight and the tow rating of the truck in question, that it is indeed possible.
“Noooo!” they’d continue. “You’re not accounting for the weight of passengers in the truck, the load in the trailer, the Earth’s negative axis forces…” and so on.

Yes, yes, we know. And for those of you who still say it can’t be done, we present our humble rebuttal: the 5.0TA from Escape Trailer Industries. Weighing in at just 3,810 pounds (dry), it places a paltry 630 pounds on the pin. Even at its 5,500-pound gross vehicle weight rating, the little Escape burdens the bed with only a tad more than 900 pounds — and last we checked, any half-ton pickup can handle that. Boo-ya! Sorry, haters. [more]

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