NEW 2021 Delivery Rates to US Hub Cities!

Compare our 2021 rates to your own costs for collection.  
*All prices in USD

Secure your 2021 delivery special today!

  1. Your delivery will take a minimum of two weeks. 
  2. Any outstanding account balance must be paid in full min 7 days prior to final arrangements and shipment from Escape.
  3. You can begin to make arrangements in advance of your trailers production completion date.
  4. We deliver on a standard commercial transport, and offload in a commercial location using a tilt bed tow truck.
  5. You can have the trailer delivered to any hub, you just have to be there to collect your trailer. 
  6. Bill of Sale documentation is issued when the trailer is both production complete and paid in full.
  7. Alternate locations are available on request.