Points That Make a Difference

A few brief points as to why we believe the Escape is the best fiberglass RV trailer available on the market today.

  • We are a small company strongly focused on customer satisfaction.
  • The Escape has a durable, structurally designed, frame with light-weight, aerodynamic, molded fiberglass body. The trailer chassis is constructed with 1/8” thick and 2″x 4” certified structural steel tubing (5.0TA uses 2″x 3″) creating a solid foundation, eliminating any chance of fatigue.
  • We do not use rivets for the interior construction. There are anchor blocks fiberglassed in strategic points on the shell interior. The interior walls and cabinetry are securely mounted to these points. This creates a solid, structurally sound interior/exterior with no unnecessary holes in the shell.
  • The headliner is a smooth, durable, soft-touch vinyl laminated onto 3/8” closed cell foam with an additional 1/2" of polyethylene foam to create a comfortable interior for 3+ season use . This headliner is easily cleaned.
  • In the event of a water leak or condensation build-up, there are areas in the bottom shell designed to channel water through the drain holes to the outside.
  • All Escape trailers are equipped with top quality components which are covered under warranty across North America.