How to get an Escape Trailer

Custom Build 

Build your Escape fiberglass trailer based on your preferences. We have unlimited personalizations and a long list of options!

You can choose to upgrade many of the already existing features such as fridge, awning, batteries or simply add more features such as reading lights and counter extensions.

View the Escape Models page here. 


Our inventory trailers are available to customers who have placed a deposit and have not yet signed off on their build sheet. 

When you place a deposit two things happen:

  1. You secure a production completion date 
  2. You are eligible to enter into the inventory draw

View the Inventory page here. 

Pre Owned Escape 

Escape is a popular brand with a long wait. Pre owned trailers are a hot commodity too! So we created a page to help Escape owners who wish to sell their trailer with a way to help them. 

  • Trailers are sold by trailer owners, not Escape.
  • The trailer owner’s contact details are included as the final image of the photo gallery.

View the Pre Owned page here.