Best RV Options For Different Adventurers

Preparing for your future RV trip is an exciting part of the adventure! Adventuring is fun in any form, from backpacking into a campsite to pitching a tent, and upgrading to a more luxurious camping experience. 

One of the biggest concerns of adventurers often is, where do I start? Start easy: decide if RVing is right for you, then your options are as diverse as the sights you’ll see.

Five ways to decide if RVing is right for you

RVing isn’t a difficult decision to come by. Ask yourself if:

  1. You’re adventurous
  2. You enjoy meeting new people
  3. You want to sleep anywhere, from the Oregon Coastline to the Crawling Valley Reservoir
  4. You enjoy seeing new places
  5. Being in nature is the best way to decompress

If you’ve decided that RVing sounds like the perfect way to satisfy your natural urge to go on an adventure, you can enjoy the flexibility that RVing provides.

Cook anywhere

In an RV, you can cook anywhere. Spend the day driving through Petrified National Park, then pop open the RV window and cook a meal, while overlooking petrified rocks. No need to set up a stove or rely on granola bars until locating a hot meal.

Camp anywhere

After a long day of driving and passing through scenic areas, such as driving along the Dempster Highway, you may be looking for a quick place to pull over and camp. With an RV, you can choose a quick travel stop for the night or stealth camp along the road. 

Bring luxurious items

Want to make a smoothie in the great outdoors or store a cold beverage for an after-trail drink? Your RV can provide what you need. Keep your fridge stocked with all the essentials and enjoy the perks while exploring, and benefit from seeing the sunset without a time-crunch.

Decide on your perfect setup

Every setup for an RV is chosen based on an adventurer’s needs. Now that you’ve decided RVing is the perfect way to spend a Saturday (or everyday) pick your perfect RV based on your preferences so that you’re a step closer to owning your dream adventure-mobile.

The Weekender

This vehicle is perfect for weekend warriors. Instead of lounging indoors all day, plan weekend getaways to national parks or local state parks. Adventure is never far away with solar powered appliances and a stovetop ready to alleviate any traveling stress.

The Off-Grid Explorer

The off-grid explorer is perfect for back-county campers and who enjoy the privacy shield of trees and nature whistling in your RV’s backyard. 

Off-grid campers often need:

  • Four-wheel drive
  • A larger fridge
  • Larger battery/ solar power capability
  • Exterior shower
  • Extra storage

Family Camper

Family camping is the quintessential camping experience. With technology usage dominating our time, decompressing around the campfire is a surefire way to raise familial-bonding. When picking your family camper, extra necessities might include a larger space for cots and a bigger space for wardrobe and storage. Don’t cramp your style with a too-small space.

Empty Nesters

Now that you have the time to take care of your needs, it’s time to build the RV of your dreams and explore all nature has to offer. Get the good stuff: an electric awning, swivel table, and foot flush toilet are some of the customizable features that can upgrade your relaxing trip.


Looking to claim the best van lifer title? Don’t make living on the road difficult. It can be a better experience with sufficient battery power to charge any appliances, a great stereo system, and a proficient kitchen. On the road, buying all your meals can get old and fast. Having a well-stocked fridge and indoor kitchen to cook at any time of the day is a major boost for van living morale.

Riding In Style

Want to make your RV experience as little effort as possible? Hook it up with “all the bells and whistles.” So, what does an elevated RV experience look like?

  • Wireless camera
  • Air conditioner controlled with bluetooth
  • Solar panel with controller
  • Microwave & Oven
  • Power awning
  • Multiple storage options


Looking to drag an easy home to wherever you’re going, without any of the conventional home comforts? Going on a hike and coming back to camp with a clean bed to slide into sounds perfect to us too.


Any of these RV’s are ideal for avid adventurers. If you’re looking to prolong your adventure, choose an option with extra solar capabilities and storage. Long trips require extra gear to accommodate seasonal changes and irregular weather. Rainy and snowy days can be remedied with a comfortable space and storage to bring your favorite indoor activities. Does anything compare to reading while overlooking the mountains?

Can RVs upgrade your experience?

RV’s will absolutely make your camping experience more pleasurable. Don’t spend any more time setting up camp than you need to. RVing leaves more time for the activities you love to do while adventuring, while benefiting from a good night’s rest. Lose the fear of wildlife searching your tent at night and make a hot coffee from the comfort of your home on wheels. 

Pitch camp the simple way

Don’t leave your outdoor escape up to fate. Get an Escape Trailer that can be tailored to meet your specific adventure needs. Adventure waits for no one, we don’t want you to get left in the dust, instead of riding shotgun to your favorite outdoor location. 

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