2019 Escape 19

Model: 2019 Escape 19
Price: $38,000.00 USD

Contact: See Photo Gallery
Seller: Peggy
Location: Forest Grove, Oregon

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We are offering our 2019, 19 Ft Escape for sale located in Forest Grove, Oregon.

In addition to the build sheet (see attached) we have added or made the following modifications:1.) On the left rear bumper we have installed a Honda generator with an aluminum cover. We are keeping the generator, but we offer the mount and cover as an option, the replacement cost is $670.00. If the buyer does not want or need a generator, we can remove it and remount the generator on the 21 Ft Escape we have just purchased. (the tail lights have been remounted above the generator cover)2.) A rear back up light has been installed and wired into the 7 way RV plug.3.) Under the sink are two pull out drawers for storing can goods, and cooking supplies4.) Under the bed on one side is a pull out tray with 3 “Milk” crates, on the other side the 3 crates are “zip tied” together. We keep our clothes, and supplies in these milk crates. We will keep the milk crates, but the pull out tray is included.5.) The read out panel for the EMS (electric management system) has been remounted on the backside of the bathroom wall. For better access.6.) One of the 120V, USB combo plugs has been remounted on the backside of the bathroom wall for easier access.7.) Four towel bars are mounted on the bathroom door and the two doors under the sink. Also a paper towel holder.8.) The crank handle on the front tongue jack has been removed and a ¾ in “high nut” replaced, I use a cordless drill to power the tongue jack, and the four leveling stabilizers.9.) On the outside of the bathroom door is mounted a “shoe rack”. In addition to keeping extra shoes off the floor, it is a handy place to put stuff.10.) A load stabilizer hitch is included with the sale.

Build Sheet