What You Need to Know Before Ordering Your Escape Trailer

Escape Trailer is a direct-to-consumer travel trailer manufacturer. Not only do we assist with the entire customization process to create your very own dream RV, but without the use of dealers, we work directly with you to provide a simple and efficient ordering and delivery process. Follow along to find out everything you need to know before ordering your Escape Trailer! 

Deposit and Confirmation Process

Step 1: The Deposit

Securing your spot in the queue for production, we require a $1000 USD deposit.

If you change your mind about this purchase, we offer a refund on your payment. However, it’s important to note that there will be a small processing fee involved with this. This fee comes out to $200 for Canadians and $150 for Americans.

Step 2: Preparation

Once you’ve put your deposit down and before we begin the actual configuration phase, this is a great time to begin reviewing our online series of orientation videos to get you familiarized with your customization options – including all of the standard and accessory features to your travel trailer. 

Throughout this preparation phase, it’s also helpful to use our online tool to help you build your trailer and receive a price estimate. Please note that prices can change until sign off on your build sheet. For any additional support contact us directly. 

Step 3: Configuration Start

Four-six months before your production completion date, our team will reach out to you to secure your purchase agreement. Your Escape Trailer expert will work with you to create a ‘Build Sheet’ which is the agreement that will include everything you want to see in your personalized travel trailer. 

Three months before your production completion date, we will have you sign off on this purchase agreement. At this time, all options are locked in and your deposit is now non-refundable.  

Once your Build Sheet is signed off, we will prompt you to decide your preferred possession date and location. 

Getting Your Travel Trailer 

Step 1: Arranging Delivery or Pick-Up 

At Escape Trailer, it’s all about your choice so we offer you a wide range of options that best suits your needs. No matter if you’re Canadian or American, Escape Trailers offers convenient delivery or pick-up options for those coming from near and far! To give you enough time to select a delivery or pick-up option that’s right for you, you will receive 1-month free storage from your completion date.

Delivery is a flat rate of $2500 USD to your door. Learn more here.

While you are welcome to come to Escape to check out your trailer before it leaves the facility (ideally the day before exporting), you will not be able to drive your trailer across the US/Canada border. The reason that we export your trailer for you is so that you avoid paying the Canadian taxes.

 Step 2: Entering Production

Approximately one to two months prior to completion date, your Escape will enter production. You will receive an email notification. At this stage, the trailer shell is prepared and mounted to the chassis.

Step 3: Financing Options

For both US and Canadian residents, while we secure plans for delivery or pick up, we need to know if you’re planning on financing your trailer. For US residents, this is an important initial step since this information will modify the customs paperwork to export your trailer. 

Step 4: Photos

Once the production process is underway, our team will send you various progress photos to keep you informed. We will share these photos on a daily basis through a shared folder. 

Step 5: Making Payment Arrangements

If you’ve selected a delivery option, we require payment to be arranged prior to exporting. If you’ve selected a pick-up option, you can pay on the day you arrive at Escape HQ to pick up your trailer. 

Currently, Escape Trailer does not collect US taxes (i.e. your local registration or government office). Although this may change in the future, until further notice from Escape, you must account for the taxes that you’ll be paying for the registration and licensing fees for your trailer. This varies from state to state and is typically done when registering the trailer.

Step 6: Familiarizing with Ownership 

Now that your Escape Trailer is paid for and delivered, it’s officially ALL YOURS! During this time, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the ownership of your brand-new travel trailer. The Escape Trailer Owners Manual is an excellent starting point for basic questions along with the series of orientation videos. 

If you have any specific issues about your trailer, email our parts and services staff here.

Escape Trailer Warranty Policies 

Not only are our Escape Trailers built for you, but they are also built to last! Crafted for longevity, these trailers ensure maximum resale value. Our Escape Trailer Industry warranty covers your recreation vehicle (RV) for a period of two years from the date of purchase. This limited warranty covers any defect in materials and/or workmanship so long as the RV is used for its intended purposes of recreational camping. For more information visit our online Warranty Policy. 

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