The 2022 Escapee Awards

The 2022 Escapees are here! The Escapees, our humble version of the Oscars, gives us the opportunity to highlight and award those who take their passion for their Escape to the next level. For our third annual Escapees, we allowed our customers to submit themselves for consideration. We received over 25 submissions with many detailed photos and write-ups. All of the submissions we received were excellent and it would be impossible to choose the ‘best’, therefore we chose our favorite from each category shown at the top of the list of entries.

This year, we had four awards categories;

  • Named Trailer
  • Truly Personalized Escape
  • Decorated Trailer
  • Aftermarket Modifications

To see our favorites, watch the video linked below, or explore all the submissions to each category in the menu above.

Thank you to all those who participated in the 2022 Escapees. We truly could not do any of this without you, our customers. We hope that you have an excellent Holiday season and a great New Year.

We’re Escape Trailer, Built For You.