The 2022 Escapee Awards – Aftermarket Modifications

Have you modified your Escape to further tailor it to you? This category highlights modifications made to trailers over this past year. 

Edward Wilson – E19 Category Favorite

Modifications to Eggscape

I have done many modifications to our trailer over the years including some with the aim of keeping your trailer…yours. This year is no exception with 7 modifications that I would like to highlight in keeping your trailer safe. My goal with each is to spike inspiration so you can build on each idea. As with my past ideas, I like to have a would-be thief encounter the unexpected. I am sure you can appreciate that some of the ideas require a bit of mystery as to exactly what I did. All these are explained in more detail along with other modifications this year and 80 others from years past in the following link:


Steal Hitch Cover…post # 861

Yes, I could weld up something elaborate or buy something expensive off the shelf that a thief may have researched on how to defeat. Instead, I got an outdated scuba tank and cut off each end. One for the Escape hitch and the other for my car trailer. There is a latching mechanism way inside which is not going to allow it to released unless you know the secret. The more you pull on it the better it grips.


Propane Lock…post # 688

There are different ways to do this, but a simple hole in the cross bar with a lock through it makes it so the large wing nut does not rotate. There are a few people that have left their trailers in storage yards with nice new full tanks in the fall to come back to empty outdated ones on their first trip out. I also put my name on the tanks as I hope to keep them for as long as they are viable.


Electric Wheel Lock…post # 745

Simple and inexpensive in design. You place a hidden switch that when engaged diverts some of the charge power from the tow vehicle to the trailer brakes. When a thief plugs in the 7 pin cord and power flows to the battery…it also now applies the brakes. It even works when your batteries are out of the trailer.


Stub Cable Wheel lock…post # 752

Another way to have a thief lock the brakes electrically is to simply rewire your 7 pin cable by switching the charge wire with the brake wire. When you go to use your trailer you plug in an additional stubby cable that turns everything back to normal.


Removable 7 Pin Cable…post # 759

Why have the 7 pin cable there in the first place for a thief to have lights and brakes when taking your trailer at night. Put in another jack near the trailer and remove the extra. A removable cable will also keep it safe from the elements when not in use.


Rooftop Identification

When your trailer is stolen, what chance does your local police have to identify it from the air from the thousands of other trailers out there. Where we live there is a police helicopter allocated here and it just so happens I know a pilot that flys for a helicopter service in the area. Between him, his flying buddies and the police, there would be good chance they could pick it out parked behind a building or in a lot from the air with my roof top identifier. Hence X marks the Eggscape. Using tape, you too can add your own roof top identification.


Call 911…I am Stolen

Our trailer sits idle beside our house backed up to a fence for 6 months of the year…like our neighbours trailer that was stolen. There is no need for that 6 month winter period to have my license plate on it for the thief to use while towing my trailer away. Like draining the water out of the tank, I have also started this year to remove the license plate and replace it with my own custom one. It reads “Call 911…I am Stolen”.

Phil Dauphinee – E17B

What modification(s) did you make?

This a Carefree Extension Room designed to fit the Carefree Awnings on Escape Trailers

Why did you make these modifications?

We were unhappy with the picnic table canopy we had and knew people who had extensions for their Westfalias. When we discovered this extension was designed to fit our awning, we ordered one. This extension essentially doubles our inside space. It is great to get up in the morning and everything brought inside is dry.

Any words of wisdom for those who may want to make similar modifications?

It cannot not be used in high winds and there must be good holding ground for the pegs. It cannot be made totally bug proof. There is a fair amount of extra material because it is designed to fit a range of applications. We fold the extra material into the floor and cover with a carpet.

For more details on this Carefree product

Johnny Hung – E21C

What modification(s) did you make?

All Electric Escape 21C indoor sink replacement and outdoor sink and prep area addition. 

Why did you make these modifications?

For the ultimate off-grid trailer.

Any words of wisdom for those who may want to make similar modifications?

Continue to innovate.

John & Sandra Byrne – E5.0

What modification(s) did you make?

Upgraded our new Feb 2022 5.0 electrics, adding 4 BattleBorn 100ah heated batteries, a catistrophic fuse, Thornwave blue tooth shunt, a main battery shut off switch, two Victron Lynx power distributors with mega fused circuits, a dual Powerwerx anderson powerpole solar port to a Victron 30amp mmpt controller for portable solar panels, added a roof solar breaker box wired to a Victron 50amp mmpt controller. Batteries connected in parallel with 4/0 jumpers and upgraded to a single 4/0 chassis/equipment ground. See attached wiring project diagram.

Why did you make these modifications?

By upgrading the trailer’s power we achieved the ability to use power without a second thought while dry camping for extended periods of time. This summer we camped 100 days, mostly in the Rockies from Colorado up to Glacier National Park in National Forest sites without hookups. We used our trailer electrics without much thought to conserving power, with the batteries topping off to 100% by midday most days, even in partly shaded sites. We once had 2 consecutive rainy days where it took two days to top off to 100%, but the batteries did not get below 70%. We traveled with the 3-way Fridge on “DC” to conserve our propane without issue.

Our answer as to “why upgrade” is to rarely give a second thought about using our electrical powered systems while dry camping for extended periods. This upgrade easily accomplished that goal over 100 days this summer. Also, the new 5.0 preformed flawlessly over the entire summer and about 10K miles.

Any words of wisdom for those who may want to make similar modifications?

Plan and diagram your electrical upgrade project prior to purchasing equipment and doing the install work. The planning was accomplished over many months, while waiting on our 5.0 build & delivery. The install took 14 days once our new trailer and the parts were delivered.

Christine & Rhonda Anderson Powlan – E21C

What modification(s) did you make?

Flip ups in the bed and dinette area. Floor and medicine cabinet in the bath.

Why did you make these modifications?

While traveling in Colorado, we became aware of beetle-killed pine. Many acres of pine trees have been lost. The wood is stained blue and orange as a result. We found it to be a beautiful reminder of the fragility of the outdoors we love. We left a live edge. The photo doesn’t capture the colours very well. We added teak floor mats to the upper and lower bath floors while relocating the composting toilet further back. We also replaced the plastic trim on the medicine cabinet with a homemade door stained to match the floor.

Any words of wisdom for those who may want to make similar modifications?

Teak mats can be purchased relatively inexpensively on Amazon and made to fit tightly. Ours are edged with clear plastic tubing that I attached with brass screws. It’s a very tight fit that doesn’t move at all during travel. Rubber feet on the bottom protect the gel coat.

Jim & Joanne Baskerville – E21C