The 2022 Escapee Awards – Name Trailer

A trailer as unique as an Escape deserves a fitting name. These are the 2022 Escapees who have given their trailer a name either at the factory or after-market.

Aaron Crosby – E17AWind Bear Category Favorite

On our first camping trip in college, my wife Ashley and I bought the cheapest tent we could find and went to the Smoky Mountains. The Rangers warned us about bear activity, so we spent the first night on edge. In the middle of the night, I awakened to find the tent shaking and flattened on top of us. Brave Husband lept up and started pummeling the invisible bear on the other side of the tent wall with his fists and yelling to, “get out of here Bear!” Much to my wife’s amusement, upon further inspection the bear was, in fact, the wind.

To this day, 14 years later, every time we camp we make a point of “checking for signs of Wind Bear activity.” We are so relieved to have our Escape Trailer, which we hope will protect our family from Wind Bears for many years to come!

Winter set in right after the picture of our family picking the trailer up in Sumas, so the picture of the name was captured inside of Wind Bear’s den.

Phil Dauphinee – E17BEGRESS 

EGRESS means a way of going or getting out, exit, escape but the best definition is way out. In the 1970’s there was a cabaret in Vancouver called The Egress. I always liked the name especially when I found out what it meant. It took me a while to find the font used by Escape Trailers but once I did, I had a friend make up the lettering. I like the fact that Egress and Escape have similar meanings and both words start with E.

Kelly and Ian Wilson – E19 – Trailer Swift

We are fans of Taylor Swift and we love a good pun! Her name is always a conversation starter and people often laugh – which is such a great response. We tell everyone her name and that she is as beautiful and talented as her namesake. Our first time driving with her, we had people honking and giving us the thumbs up! Hilarious!

Darrell Pauls – E5.0Dirty Girl 

We originate in the west and we run our trips parallel to the local RR tracks.

Robert and Amy Banov – E21CMiss BEE HAVEN 

We’re the Banovs (with a BEE) buzzing around Florida and BEEyond, making our Escape Miss Bee Haven! So BEE happy, go camping with your HONEY!

Sue Adkins  – E19Dumpling

I absolutely love Dim Sum and Asian foods. I truly believe my little E19 looks like the cutest little Boa Dumpling there is, and therefore named her so.

Suzanne & Steven Nicklen – E17BLil’ Eddy

Steve’s parents were big RV’ers, and their names were Lil and Eddy. After they passed, we wanted to use their inheritance for something they would have really been happy about. So bought our little Escape and decided to use a play on words to name it after them. We love our little Escape and think of them often as we travel to many of the same campsites they enjoyed over the years.

Rhonda Crapper – E5.0 Escaped and on the Run!

We bought the trailer to celebrate our empty nesting years. We have escaped and running to as many adventures as we can fit into our schedules. However, we took all advances offered on production and got the trailer 11 months before our youngest graduates. So, we haven’t escaped yet, but we will soon.

Warren & Linda Johnson – E5.0Gypsy Spirit 

My wife and I have always had wanderlust. However, while we were working, our travels were limited by our work schedules. For many years they were also limited by our family responsibilities. We took our three sons on many adventures, however, school, sports, and Scouting activities often interfered with travel. After our sons were grown and we both retired, we began to wander in earnest. We had acquired another manufacturer’s smaller fiberglass trailer and were generally pleased with it, except for the size and limited amenities. After camping in the smaller trailer for several years we decided that a larger, newer and nicer unit was needed. After an exhaustive search of fiberglass trailer manufacturers, we decided on the Escape 5.0 TA. The year-and-a-half wait was worth it. We received the Escape Trailer this past Spring and have already traveled nearly 12,000 miles with the Escape. Sometimes the trips are well planned and sometimes they are spur-of- the-moment. But they are always fun. We are truly modern gypsies in our travels. We avoid freeways, nearly always choosing instead to explore travelling on less traveled back roads. Rarely do we have a fixed itinerary and usually choose a campsite only after day’s travel– usually after finding a state park, BLM land, or similar places. We generally avoid the congestion and noise of commercial campgrounds. W named our trailer “Gypsy Spirit” because it matches how we approach life and our trips these days. 

Christine & Rhonda Anderson Powlan – E21C – No End Insights 

You know those couples who’ve been together for 30 years or more, and they still hold hands. How do they do it? We’d like to know. No End Insights.

Anita Dekker – E21C – Escape Reality 

Reality shifts while on the road. Our Escape is our portal into a more playful and joyful world, a world not confined to work, finances and everyday, mundane reality in Oregon. This pic was taken at White Sands National Park in New Mexico a few Novembers ago. Are we in sand or snow? It is hot here so we want it to be cold. People are sledding down the hills. There are lovely drifts and ledges. Must be snow…

Melora Sharts – E17BThe Manor

My family is not one that typically names vehicles, trailers, etc. However, nicknames are usually tongue-in-cheek and/or aspirational. Given that my 17B is a big deal for me and usually dwarfed by any of its neighbors, the name appealed to me. I do not have a photo as adding graphics is one of many mods still on my list.

Michael Sutton – E17BThe Chief 

We originate in the west and we run our trips parallel to the local RR tracks.

Paul & Diane Losinski – E5.0 – Lil’ Lulu 

For months, we researched options and customization for our Escape 5.0. We visited an Ambassador, had a virtual tour with Samuel and scoured the Forum for advice. We were confident we had the perfect trailer for us. On the morning we signed the build sheet, this Word of the Day came up on my phone: Lulu : (def.): “an outstanding example of a person or thing. “. We named her Lil’ Lulu, she’s outstanding!

Pete & Jan Lavoie – E17B – La Vie 

We met a couple at Oostema Farm when we picked up our 17B and they asked us if we were going to name it – Jan and I were like, No! Then we were in Boothbay Harbor, Maine and it came to us. “La Vie” although it is close to our name it is still “The Life” we love our 17B!

Michael Sutton – E17BThe Chief 

We originate in the west and we run our trips parallel to the local RR tracks.