The 2022 Escapee Awards – Decorated Trailer

The personalization for your Escape doesn’t stop at the end of our production line. These submissions are from those who have further personalized their trailer with cushions, artwork, backsplashes and any other aesthetic additions to make their trailer truly unique.

Christine & Rhonda Anderson Powlan – E21C Category Favorite

What was your inspiration/design methodology for your decor?

Traveling cats.


Phil Dauphinee – E17B

What was your inspiration/design methodology for your decor?

I am sticker guy. The “tiles” behind the cook top and sink are self-adhesive vinyl squares in the Dutch delft design to enhance the kitchen area. I always liked seeing the family station wagons back in the day with stickers on the back windows from everywhere the family travelled. Stickers are not as easily found these days but when I do find them, I buy them and stick them on the side of the trailer. I have also added flag stickers to the back of the trailer including the Canadian flag, the British Columbia flag and the unofficial flag of Vancouver Island. An Escapee sticker would sure look good with my other stickers !!

Rhonda Crapper – E5.0

What was your inspiration/design methodology for your décor?

Linfield Wildcats, my husband and I both graduated from there and their colors are purple and red.

Jim & Joanne Baskerville – E21C

What was your inspiration/design methodology for your décor?

The interior of our 21C is the traditional/classic Escape combination of Oak cabinetry, Kelso Champagne upholstery, and Butterum Formica countertops with black edging. For many years, I was a college/university design instructor, light and space are the most important design elements. Large frameless windows and bright, neutral interior walls provide plenty of natural light. I truly appreciate the sense of space created by the seamless flow of the solid front Oak cabinetry, leading/guiding your eye around the interior space.

My personal design style is all about bringing the outdoors in. The natural pattern of the Oak grain cabinetry teamed with Kelso Champagne upholstery adds depth, warmth, and colour to the interior – reminiscent of the Craftsman/Arts & Crafts design movement. I mirrored the lines, pattern, repetition, and colour palette of the upholstery fabric into my choice of design elements. Using the kitchen faucet and stainless-steel sink as the benchmark metal, I sourced the perfect Kelso Champagne pattern match cabinet handles. We replaced all the original cabinet handles with the cast zinc hardware. The hardware has a hammered appearance with a clean border and carries seamlessly throughout our interior space. Light antiquing on the cast zinc is the perfect paring with the black frameless windows and black appliance accents. Our kitchen personalization is a bold homage to the Kelso Champagne colour palette. We added a solid hardwood sink cover, a magnetic chef’s knife rack (mounted on the reinforced wall) and wall accents. Custom accents incorporate a variety of natural wood species blending well with the warm hues of the Oak cabinetry. The knives are easily removed from the rare-earth magnetic rack, wrapped, and stored safely in a drawer when traveling. Ample cabinetry allows for no countertop clutter and full use of the countertop space. Behind the solid-front cabinet doors we incorporated extensive custom built-ins. Our built-ins are well designed, solidly constructed, and purposeful. Everything has a place, ensuring we make the most of the per square inch interior storage space.

Custom, lightweight, Golden Oak-stained Birch accent panels grace the cabinet beside the fridge and the bathroom door. The pattern is carried over from the Kelso Champagne upholstery and adds a bit of depth and interest to the vertical space. Wood-edged polished Agate slices add colour and vertical interest to the doorway catch-all storage area.

Rich Ling – E21NE

What was your inspiration/design methodology for your décor?

New wallpaper for more at home feeling.